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All children exercises are mostly cardiovascular (aerobic) and strength (anaerobic) work which involves most of the time “whole body” exercises that encourage the children to train their sense of balance and coordination which are integral in the progressive development of a child’s physiological systems. Health wise, the child becomes more physically active, but the greatest benefits comes from engaging in planned and structured exercise to increase their self-esteem, to take the next step into improving their athletic performance, and to advance their exercise related knowledge.

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Children should be introduced to basic bodyweight movement which includes moving their own body weight, it usually produces less stress on their Central Nervous System (CNS) and helps to get them into decent physical shape and with a proper diet, helps to build muscles. Unilateral movements should also be employed so that imbalances between legs do not occur. The Children are expected to have fun while doing any workout program as that alone can motivate them if they are lacking enthusiasm. More so, flexibility of a child mostly is focused on so that it is not an issue once heavy weight training begins.

Children are not miniature adults and hence should not be put through the same routines an adult would do. At Gofitness, our trainers are supervised with an impressive array of training, nutritional, and psychological tools to help young athletes excel.

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